At our heart…

At our heart, MRSN provide practical help to refugees “moving-on” from the asylum system and support their onward social and economic integration into life in Liverpool, and beyond.

Our work is based on our core charitable objective that is the relief of poverty of refugees and asylum seekers.

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Sharing with others…

Another core aspect of our work is to share information for and on behalf of others in the refugee sector to raise awareness, share good practice and work collectively to address issues as they arise over time.

We co-ordinate network meetings and provide an e-newsgroup service across the sector to maintain and support information sharing and partnership work with the various public/private and voluntary sector groups working with and for refugee and asylum communities across the Liverpool City Region.

To join the e-newsgroup email us at info@mrsnliverpool.org.uk

We have many members and associates – a full list can be found on our website on the Associates Tab.

UPDATE: March 2024

The local and national refugee homeless crisis as reported in recent months by MRSN continues to cause significant distress to newly granted refugees looking to move-on with their lives.

We are continuing to see daily presentations of people in despair that they will have no where to live when the leave their Home Office accommodation.  

Since mid August 2023 we have supported hundreds of newly granted refugees at risk of or experiencing homelessness, destitution and rough sleeping.  We help through advocacy, advice and well-being support. Each day there is a queue of people coming for help.  Single women, men or couples without children are all affected.  For families or people with health issues there will be the chance of emergency accommodation.  The whole process is causing such undue stress for people across the region.  

For those who cannot get housing they are often rough sleeping or walk the streets at night as they simply don’t feel safe lying in a park or shop porch.  We have offered clients sleeping bags or tents as a last resort – but it is clearly not a “life-style” choice for anyone.

People are only counted as “rough sleepers” if they are witnessed to be bedded down and sleeping outside.  If you are not seen or found rough sleeping, then you are not counted.  

MRSN continue to work with local and regional colleagues to find solutions, where possible, to help address this crisis.  There is no magic wand to create instant or new housing – but we need to be thinking out of the box about renovating housing or former residences – Sadly our charity cannot do these things alone.

It is the coming together of people from all walks of society that has helped keep us going, the kindness of strangers making donations, volunteering their time and reaching out to help.

We are continuing to support the hosting campaign for Refugees at Home, and we also welcome conversations with private landlords.


Our Facts Not Fiction leaflet and posters which are free to download and share.  



The “Citizens of Liverpool” videos https://www.youtube.com/@asylumlinkmerseyside4337 – were made during 2023 to help raise awareness about the everyday lives of refugees and people seeking asylum who have come to know Liverpool as their place of work, peace and/or sanctuary.  This was a joint project with IMIX, ALM and MRSN along with the super volunteers and staff who made and participated in the videos.  We released a video each day during Refugee Week.