Our Services

Refugee Move-On and Integration at MRSN


    • Crisis interventions – access to emergency welfare and food support
    • Welfare benefits such as Universal Credit
    • Housing support, guidance and advocacy
    • Following family reunion – benefits, and housing support, guidance and advocacy
    • Help open a bank account
    • Managing utilities
    • Help understanding rights, entitlements & obligations
    • Writing letters and advocacy
    • Referral and signposting to specialist services
    • Access to primary care/GP/mental health services
    • Health awareness and accessibility
    • Healthy eating/cooking on a budget
    • Confidence building and pre-employability support
    • Employability support – develop and understand a CV; job search skills; Security Industry Authority (SIA) applications
    • Volunteering opportunities and employment skills
    • Language, life skills support and glossaries
    • Cultural awareness engagement and digital story projects
    • Access to education and training